This charity event has raised over $40,000 in the past 6 years for Ronald McDonald House Charities!

I have designed ads, eblasts, and programs every year as it has grown and expanded its reach from a small local event, to drawing people from the surrounding areas as well.

The below shows a poster, flyer, newspaper ad, and business card-sized handout to promote the 2017 event in print.


These banners were used as Facebook headers for the event, and as website headers for the website where people could sign up for tickets.

These are examples of the eblasts that were sent out. 
There were both informational eblasts, and ones that counted down to the event to create excitement.

Selected Works


HausefestCharity Event

Conference Room MuralsEnvironmental

Train WrapEnvironmental

Target CenterEnvironmental

Costco Ad BoardAgent Branding

Vinyl BannnerEnvironmental